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Image by Kolby Milton

Pacific urns is a small company nestled in the mountains of British Columbia.  Founded by Michael Ponty in 2005 as a retirement pet project, Pacific Urns has now become one of the main suppliers of fine cremation jewelry.  From the finest silver and gold, to the impeccable craftsmanship and our Italian chains and bracelets, no detail has been missed to make each pendant an exceptional piece of jewelry.


The concept behind the Jewelry Cremation Urns is to allow each family member to have a small amount of cremated remains, dried flowers, a lock of hair or even earth from the burial site to create a personal memorial.  Cremation first became popular over 200 years ago when quite often family members were divided by long distances and for long periods of time; back then this was only offered to the very rich or royalty.  Pacific Urns now offers you the finest collection of cremation urns available.  All our Sterling Silver and 2-Tone pendants include the best Italian chains.  Our 2-Tone pendants are all made with a blend of Sterling Silver and 10kt yellow gold.  These 2-Tone pendants are not gold plated but made as separate parts and then assembled.

Filling and sealing your pendant couldn’t be easier.  No sticks no funnels no messy glue.  With a Pacific Urns pendent all you need to do is unscrew the sterling silver screw, fill your pendant with the sterling silver scoop provided, and screw back in — it's that easy!  Once the screw is set, it seals the pendant from any elements getting in and will not be able to be removed without damaging the screw.

The entire collection is available in yellow gold and also in white gold.  Daily quotes apply.  We are always working on new things and encourage your ideas.

For any suggestions or questions you may have please contact us:


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